New MySensor setup - endless loop

  • Hi Everyone!

    This is my first time setting up mysensors so please bare with me if I missed something really obvious.

    My goal is to create my own sensors and have those report to Openhab via MQTT. But since this is my first attempt, thought I would keep it simple. Wemos D1 mini connected to RFM69HW and another in the same setup.

    ESP8266	RFM69HW
    3.3V	VCC
    D2           DIO0
    D5    	SCK	
    D6          MISO
    D7          MOSI	
    D8    	NSS	

    Arduino IDE 1.8.5
    Mysensors 2.3.1
    Esp8266 version 2.4.2 and 2.5.0

    Edit: So I loaded code (using the examples provided for serial gateway).

    When first loading it looked like things were going to work.

    0;255;3;0;9;19767 MCO:BGN:INIT GW,CP=RRNGE---,REL=255,VER=2.3.1
    0;255;3;0;9;19773 TSF:LRT:OK
    0;255;3;0;9;19776 TSM:INIT
    0;255;3;0;9;19779 TSF:WUR:MS=0
    0;255;3;0;9;19783 TSM:INIT:TSP OK
    0;255;3;0;9;19787 TSM:INIT:GW MODE
    0;255;3;0;9;19790 TSM:READY:ID=0,PAR=0,DIS=0
    0;255;3;0;9;19794 MCO:REG:NOT NEEDED
    0;255;3;0;14;Gateway startup complete.
    0;255;3;0;9;19798 MCO:BGN:STP
    0;255;3;0;9;19806 MCO:BGN:INIT OK,TSP=1
    0;255;3;0;9;19810 TSM:READY:NWD REQ
    0;255;3;0;9;21033 TSF:MSG:SEND,0-0-255-255,s=255,c=3,t=20,pt=0,l=0,sg=0,ft=0,st=OK:```

    Now flash the second node to be a PIR (but left that part out for testing) and when I load the code I get the following in an endless loop:

            |_|  |_|\__, |____/ \___|_| |_|___/\___/|_|  |___/
    60 MCO:BGN:INIT NODE,CP=RRNNE---,REL=255,VER=2.3.1
    75 TSM:INIT
    76 TSF:WUR:MS=0
    84 TSF:SID:OK,ID=50
    85 TSM:FPAR
    Soft WDT reset
    ctx: cont
    sp: 3ffffc50 end: 3fffffd0 offset: 01b0
    3ffffe00:  000eaa5d 000000ff 3ffee4c4 40202fa0  
    3ffffe10:  0000003d 000000ff 3ffee4c4 000003e7  

    The code on the second node:

    // Enable debug prints to serial monitor
    #define MY_DEBUG
    #define MY_RADIO_RFM69
    #define MY_RFM69_FREQUENCY  RFM69_915MHZ  
    #define MY_IS_RFM69HW // Omit if your RFM is not "H"
    #define MY_RFM69_IRQ_PIN D1
    #define MY_RFM69_IRQ_NUM MY_RFM69_IRQ_PIN
    #define MY_RFM69_CS_PIN D8 // NSS. Use MY_RFM69_SPI_CS for older versions (before 2.2.0)
    #define MY_RFM69_NETWORKID  100
    #define MY_NODE_ID 50
    #define CHILD_ID 0   // Id of the sensor child
    #define MY_BAUD_RATE  115200
    #include <MySensors.h>
    MyMessage msg(CHILD_ID, V_TRIPPED);
    void setup(){
    void presentation()
      // Send the sketch version information to the gateway and Controller
      sendSketchInfo("Motion Sensor", "1.0");
      // Register all sensors to gw (they will be created as child devices)
      present(CHILD_ID, S_MOTION);
    void loop(){

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Just as an update, I've tried loading the PingPong example, mqttesp8266gateway example and they all boot the radio and crash. Is it possible there is an issue with my wiring or I got a bad radio?