Right sensor/message type for using analog message in Domoticz

  • Hello MySensors friends,

    For my rain sensor, I also send the analogue value to the controller in addition to the text of the rain status (with V_TEXT / S_INFO), I tried some types, but in domoticz that is immediately converted to another value, so ultimately also via V_TEXT / S_INFO sent the raw value (0 - 1023) to the controller, partly because at that time I only used that value to determine the correct value for the rain status.

    In the meantime that works pretty well, and I want to keep seeing the analogue value to be able to make a graph of it.
    Only Domoticz makes a table of it since it is a text message.

    is there another type I can use that Domoticz understands, and displays the analog value between 0 and 1023?

    the rain status (dry, raindrops, rain, heavy rain) is of course also in the table, but is it also possible to put it directly in a graph within domoticz?

    Another question;
    I have placed a water pressure sensor which measures the drinking water pressure, after looking around I came out to use (V_PRESSURE / S_BARO), after all water pressure is also pressure ...
    But now domoticz sees the sensor only as a barometer which measures the air pressure, so including the weather forecast .....

    Has anyone tried this before in combination with domoticz?

    thank you in advance !

  • Any specific reason not using V_RAIN and send any float value ?

  • @flyingdomotic

    I tried that, only then the text status will not appear in domoticz.

    I didn't use/tried it for the analog value, maybe i'll try that,

    thank you!

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