My experiences with MySensors

  • Hello Community,

    currently i removed all MySensors devices. I am very sad about this. But i couldn't establish a reliable connection to the gateway and the sensors.
    I was very frustrated about the preferred radio "NRF24L01+". I read every article about this sensor and how to improve range and connection.
    Didn't get any good results with this radio. I also read that this kind of radios have a very bad range and only work within 2-3 meters.
    So i can't understand why these radios are the preferred radios for mysensors, this makes this project really unrealiable.

    Currently, i switched to Zigbee devices from Aqara with a Conbee USB Stick from dresden electronics.
    The Aqara Sensors and button devices fulfill all my requirements and have a very good connection and the battery usage of the devices is awesome.
    Bought some of the sensors 16 month ago, and have a battery level of 80/90 % !!!
    All other Zigbee devices like bulbs and LED-Stripes works to with conbee. As the central gateway i use pimatic (

    But if you need custom sensors and actors for a Maker Project MySensors is a good thing, but if you new to this project, i advise you to use any other communication method than NRF24L01+. This radios are total crap.


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    @felix-haverkamp I'm sorry to hear that Felix. In my own experience MySensors works fine with the NRF24L01+ sensors. I have full range throughout my entire house. For my it wasn't a frustrating experience. I followed the instructions and it worked in most cases directly. Good to hear that you have found something that suits your needs.

  • Be aware that most of the cheap NRF boards from China are counterfeit. If you have those in an environment with a lot of WiFi you won’t get any range at all. And all “modifications” to improve range posted on YouTube are not any improvement.
    You need to buy real NRF modules with external antenna.
    Just my two cents.

  • You are right. Mysensors based on NRF is dead. I started my adventure with home automation based on mysensors but gradually I replaced all my sensor with Wemos. Now everything work fine. Sorry mysensors...