Dummy Camera - Temp/Hum/Motion housing

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    For the ones who tend to forget the enclosure for their projects... I picked up a few "dummy camera's" from a local store (Action) for €2 each.. It includes a 3AA battery holder, flash led, empty space. and can be easily attached to the wall/ceiling.

    1 hour work, and ... a battery operated temperature / humidity and motion sensor.


    ingredients: dummy camera, ceech sensor board, radio, DHT22 temp/hum, HC-SR501 motion sensor (rewired to 3.3. V), double sided foam tape, hot glue.


  • Smart idea! I will se if I can find similar.

  • I have the same one, but mine turned out to be the gateway. 🙂

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    @AWI I have seen those things lying around for a couple of bucks at the action. I was only thinking about putting a pi cam in it... Do they still have them laying around?

    Looks cool having the motion detector as the lens, looks futuristic. Try to put a blinking led in it, which just blinks every minute, or 45 seconds. P.S. are you doing continuously motion detection? doesn't it drain the batteries to much?

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    @John I have bought them last week... They already contain a blinking led (which I find disturbing) I still need to decide what to do with it. The motion detection is continuous. When the sensor is sleeping (motion on interrupt), the total takes 0.2mA . I expect to have it run for more than a year on a set of NiMh 2000mAh batteries.

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    @AWI I would be using it in the kitchen and hallway (for automatic lighting on movement etc..) so no irritating blinking when in the living room. only need to think about correct positioning as we have pets who like to rumble at night. Which motion detection solution is used? I'm using kaku now which are terrible in battery usage.

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    @John Take loop at pir post. I modified the PIR sensor for 3.3v as described somewhere in there. The actual drain is around 0.1 mA, similar to what the DHT22 & 3.3v regulator are using together. There are probably ways to make consumption even lower but for me there is no need in this case using low self discharge NiMH cells:


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    @AWI Thanks! favorited the post. Will look at it when i have got the stuff to also build it.

  • Very Nice

    But will the motion detector work behinde the glas??

  • Hello,

    I built a similar knot with DHT22 + HC-SR501.

    HC-SR501 detects nothing behind the glass ... even when I pass my hand against the glass.

    How do you do for it to work properly?


    (I'm french, I used Google Translate)

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    @David-M. It has limited sensitivity but enough to detect somebody passing by. The plastic cover is not fully transparent...

  • @AWI said:

    @David-M. It has limited sensitivity but enough to detect somebody passing by. The plastic cover is not fully transparent...

    OK. Thanks.
    I will have to change because in my case, the HC-SR501 does not detect anything

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