The rules made in the controller saved on the gateway?

  • I just trying to understand how everything works. So i set rules to my esp8266wifi gateway through the web interface controller of my choice.

    But after that, if i loose power to the computer with the controller running, what happens to all the rules, are they stored on the gateway?

    What i try to understand if i can set up the nodes+gateway and then remove the computer from the equation?


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    @tjog the gateway does not remember anything, regardless if you have a controller or not.

    Nodes can be programmed to remember their state. The example with rotary encoder at does that if you want something to base your sketch on. Note that the first example on that page does not store state; it relies on a controller instead.

    Not sure what you mean by rules, but if you enter rules in your controller they will most likely depend on the controller being available.

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