Need some help!

  • I am looking to use 6 moisture sensors to send data every half hour, once 3 sensors reach a certain threshold a relay turns on for a certain time. If someone is up to the project we can negotiate a price for your time to get it done! Look forward to hearing from you.

  • @amasterp1322 You will need to provide much more data I'm affraid.

    1. Where in the world is 'the project'?
    2. What type of sensors have you chosen or do you need help with this too?
    3. What are you measuring the moisture of and to what level of accuracy do the measurements need to be?
    4. What kind of distance is there between the sensors, relay, power source?
    5. Does everything have to be water resistant or waterproof?
    6. Is this an indoor or outdoor project?
    7. How are the sensors going to send data?
    8. What are the sensors sending the data to?
    9. What relay is involved and how was it specified?
    10. What is the relay activating and will you be following the electrical codes for your country/area?

    I suspect this is a greenhouse watering system, but you haven't actually defined the project so maybe you can give it some more thought to help us help you.

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