Problem when sending or receiving

  • Hello everybody!
    I have a problem :
    I have an arduino nano which is the SerialGateway
    An arduino mini is a node with a ds18b20.
    When i test my sensor with the original arduino library for the ds18b20, it works, i have a good temperature.
    I test too my two nrf24l01 with a ping with the mirf library and this works too.
    My problem is the SerialGateway return me infos like 255;255;5;4; for my temp sensor.
    I have used originals sketchs of the mysensors
    Anyone can tell me why i don't have my temperature in the serial interface?

    PS : Sorry for my bad english...

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    @nono056 said:

    My problem is the SerialGateway return me infos like 255;255;5;4; for my temp sensor.

    "like" is not good enough 😄 .. Is the above exactly what you get?

    By default your sensor will ask controller for format-settings. If you don't have any controller it will ask forever. Try removing the line:

    metric = gw.isMetricSystem();

  • Thanks Hek for your answer!
    The really message is :
    0;0;4;11;Arduino startup complete.

    This is exactly the same thing without metric = gw.isMetricSystem();
    I have another problem (i think...)
    I receive messages every 5 seconds. This is normally 30s?
    An other precision, my ds18b20 is on pin 4 (changed in the sketch). Not a problem?

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    Set a static id for for your sensor node. E.g.


  • Thanks Hek!!
    now it works!

    So any idea why the serial gateway doesn't give me an id?
    If i put metric = gw.isMetricSystem(); in the code i give 40;255;4;13; and without, it gives me 40;0;1;0;20.7
    isMetricSystem would give me metric data and not imperial? I don't understand...

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    Serial gateway does not hand out ids. The controller behind it does. So either you add a controller or use static ids.

  • @hek Ok perfect!

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    I have the same issue here with libraries 1.3b3 link text

    I've setted in the temp sensor the node it, commented the metric line in the sensor too.

    Now when I flash, I have a receive timeout (they are close within 10cm):

    0;0;4;11;Relaying message back to gateway.
    0;0;4;11;Tx: fr=0,to=0,la=0,ne=0,ci=255,mt=4,ty=13,cr=52:
    0;0;4;11;Ack: receive timeout

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