Expanded use (connection) of existing solutions (MySensors+HA+Arduino MEGA by USB)

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm trying on HA (installed on the docker) to integrate with Arduino Mega connected via USB. Elements that must be included in the design are: limit switches, step motors (28BYJ-48 with EasyDriver A3967 V4.4), RFID, DHT22, Monostable Switches (for light control) and MQ2.
    Could anyone help me with MySensors code on Arduino to be able to control and read information from these components?
    Stepper Motor control (right / left), readout of the limit switch / DHT22 / RFID card (after reading the tag will be performed automation) and LED lighting both with a virtual switch (in the application) and physical (monostable).
    The biggest problem for me is writing the states of these components to the EEPROM, because after each power failure, the state of e.g. the switch returns to the initial one (e.g. off).
    I tried by trial and error to combine several existing solutions, but without success.
    I will be very grateful for help, because the integration what I want to do is a bit overwhelming me...
    Best regards ^ _ ^

  • Do you need to restart Arduino? If not you can put kapacitor to reset pin and gnd. And Arduino won't be restarted wit ha

  • Oh, it's good idea. Whenever I restarted Raspberry Pi, Arduino (connected by USB) is also restarted.
    Could you help me write correct code for Arduino, where I can readout data from DHT/ RFID/ limit switch and to control Stepper Motor?

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