Multiple radios in 1 gateway

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    I want to setup a gateway to support multiple radios, in my case nrf24l01 for indoor sensors, and 433mhz Lora for outdoor and far sensors. Would it be possible? What is the limit for number of radios? And what hardware would be best for that esp32 or rpi zero?

    The only other option I see is to set an array of esp32 each with 1 radio.

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    @idanronen the limit is 1. Use 2 gateways. Esp8266, Aruino Nano, Arduino Uno and Pi are the most popular gateways.

    There has been some experimental work to make multiple radios possible, but from what understand it is quite hard to make it possible, and there is a lot of work left.

  • @mfalkvidd I see, thanks.
    I guess I'll do esp8266 then, although serial gateway won't work with esp8266 from my understanding, and the wifi gateway will probably interfere with the nrf24

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    @idanronen I have not seen any reports on a wifi gateway interfering with the nrf24. The wifi hotspot, all other wifi devices, your neighbours' hotspots and their devices might interfere, but not the gateway itself. Making the gateway non-wifi will not affect interference from all other wifi devices.

    I don't remember seinf anyone try to build a serial gateway based on esp8266, but I think it would work. Do you remeber where you read about it?

  • @mfalkvidd you're right, there's a lot of 2.4ghz pollution from every device these days, no avoiding that, but specifically having 2 transmitters so close to each other has never been a pleasant experience for me.

    I don't think I've read anything about serial gateway not working on esp8266, it's more the lack of any mention of it anywhere. I mean logically there's no reason why it wouldn't be prevalent, as esp8266 like the D1 Mini costs the same as a nano, is faster with more memory, uses micro usb, no real downside.
    Plus, if you free up the wireless module, you can even use the esp-now protocol instead of connecting a nrf24 (which unfortunately hasn't been implemented in mysensors yet)

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