Air quality sensors

  • I was wondering, what types of air quality sensors do people use here, has anyone maybe even calibrated or tested their sensors (e.g. compare performance across different types measuring the same thing)? Any favourites? I'm just curious about what people have and how they use them, maybe I'd like to get one as well 🙂

    I personally have a lot of different sensors, bunch of different MQ-series sensors, four different dust sensors and a few CO2 sensors even.

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    I'd love to hear your reviews on your sensors actually.

    I have an SDS011 fine dust sensor, couple of CO2 sensors (all the same unit) and a normal MQ gas leak sensor inside my heater.

  • @alowhum How's the SDS011, have you had the chance to compare it to other dust sensors?

  • I have a ton of different sensors 😅, just to satisfy my own curiosity:

    • 2x MQ-2
    • MQ-3
    • MQ-4
    • MQ-5
    • MQ-6
    • MQ-7
    • MQ-8
    • MQ-9
    • MQ-135
    • GP2Y1010AU0F
    • A few DHT11s, DHT22s and a few other temp/moisture sensors I can't recall atm
    • A few BMP280's
    • MS-1100
    • RadiationD-v1.1
    • Three dust sensors I can't recall the model of right now, bought them so long ago
    • Probably something else I've forgotten right now 😃

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    The plantower devices were nice and small. But in the end I settled on the SDS011 simply because it can be connected to without soldering. In my use case - making it accessible to beginners - that was the most important factor.

    I've also found that "how precise is it" doesn't matter all that much.

    • In a home you just want an indication. After a while you just start to think in about 5 levels, ranging from "bad" to ''great".
    • These cheap devices aren't precise enough to use in situations where you would care about precision, such as official measurements. So my recommendation is to forget about this.

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