Yet Another MySensors Thermostat

  • So, now that I've got my radios working reliably next step has been finally getting around to learning Arduino (really, C++) programming. And in several days (of all day every day) I think I have learned just enough to be dangerous. 😄

    So, other than basic things like temperature and relays, one of first significant things I have wanted to do for a long time is a thermostat (by that I mean HVAC control). I have been looking and thinking about it for many years and I am sorry but I really have a hard time paying $100+ for what is essentially a microcontroller and a few relays (and possibly some display). And more importantly, the device then will probably be locked down and limited as to functionality (although yes I know that there are a few more "open" devices, but those are few and far between).

    Now, I will be developing my own node, for my own reasons, regardless. However, I started thinking "well, what if I were to generalize it a bit" and then I could possibly make it more useful for everyone. And here is where I wanted to get community feedback.

    I have been reading for literally years about all the different MySensors thermostat implementations. It seems to me so far that the vast majority of them are very specific to each user's needs. And maybe this is the point?

    But the way I think, is to make a more generalized thing, which could be tailored to each users needs (within reason) instead of re-inventing the wheel each time from scratch. Taking the initial impetus myself but eventually (as the project gets to working / maintenance state) share in the creation and maintenance of the device and code, in line with the spirit of MySensors and the entire F/LOSS sharing community we have created.

    I have some ideas about what I would consider reasonable and minimal specifications for such hardware / software, however before I even get into that, I wanted to hear some opinions on whether it was (in general) a good idea or not. And maybe also flush out some implementation I have possibly overlooked.

    In fact, I also considered a good starting point perhaps to do a thorough research and index (perhaps in one big table) of extant implementations (where columns = features), which would not only be helpful in researching how to best implement any particular feature, but also help those looking to perhaps rapidly discover an already made "off the shelf" (DIY) design that most closely fits their needs.

    Discuss! 🙂

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