CubeCell HAL anyone?

  • Hi there,

    before I spend some nights, did anyboady already write a HAL for the ASR6501 or ASR6502?
    I think the CubeCell would make a GREAT base for MySensors sensors.

    Regards, Edi

  • It is a very interesting board. I would also like to try it for future development. It has gained support in the arduino IDE and Platformio, but I beleive MySensors library is not ready to be used with it (at least I couldn't get it to compile) ... and I wouldn't know where to start to contribute and make it compatible...

  • Hi @eiten

    What does HAL stand for?

    Thanks, Boozz

  • @boozz said in CubeCell HAL anyone?:

    What does HAL stand for?

    Hardware Abstraction Layer. It is a middle piece (sort of translator) in the software where the characteristics of the hardware you are goint to use are defined so the software developers can use the same code for different architectures... and be aware I am very low in the coding chain, so this definition is my pure and ignorant understanding of the concept 🙄

  • Yes, exactly.

    Well, I think we would have to write the HAL functions (which is not too hard as I imagine) as a first step. I hope we could use the RFM95 drivers in a first step, but the Framework compiles with a LoRa and a LoRaWAN app. If we have luck, we have no collisions.
    In a further step, I would test if it is worth while to implement a new transport and use the native LoRa-stack.

    Well, I think I fork the github-repository and start to play around...

  • Hi there. Some progress. I got it to compile... but obviously, I got some problems... Main problem is, the debug output does not do any newlines or so... hard to read. Any ideas on that?

  • Does anyone know how to get ST-LINK, JLINK or blackmagic probe to work with the CubeCell? I need to debug...

  • Ok status update after a short night:

    • HAL for the CPU/Boards is working, but:
    • ASR506x printf is broken, for example hhu is not working
    • ASR506x Serial.flush is broken, it skips the last 8 bytes in the buffer
    • I can't get the RFM95 transport to work, and CubeCell
    • Somehow, [underscore][underscore]linux[undersocre][underscore] always seems to get defined, but I can't figure out where
    • documentation/source code is horrible. I think I'm going to write a new transport based on LORA_App

    Regards, Edi

  • New status update: IT WORKS!
    I have to implement sleep and ATC, then I will upload it to GitHub for testing, if anyone is iterested...

  • @eiten Great job, I'll give it a try once my boards get in.

  • Cool!
    I have some E78's laying around because they seemed like a nice processor/radio package. But that looked like too big a project for my skills.
    I'm going to have to dig them out now that there might be a path to get them to work with MySensors.

  • @leroyl, @nagelc: Please check out this thread to get you started. @nagelc oh, true, I got some E78 somewhere around... I gotta search them 🤦

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