Heltec Cubecell support added. Please test!

  • So I added Cubecell support to the MySensors library. You can find it here. Feel free to test it if you have a CubeCell. It is (should be) fully compatible with RFM95, at least, I did the developement with an ESP32 RFM95 gateway. It works great together. However, I did not yet test signing.

    There are some issues you have to be aware of. Most of them are out of my competence...

    • If you use Arduino IDE, you have to rename/delete MyASM.S I have no idea why Arduino IDE tries to compile this file. It seems to try to compile any *.S file in the lib directory, so maybe it's a fault in ASR650x Arduino
    • vsnprintf and Serial.flush are broken in ASR650x Arduino. Bug is reported. So debug output is sh... suboptimal.

    The defines are:

    #define MY_CUBECELL_TX_POWER_DBM //defaults to 13dBm, ATC is enabled
    #define CUBECELL_169MHZ
    #define CUBECELL_315MHZ
    #define CUBECELL_434MHZ
    #define CUBECELL_868MHZ
    #define CUBECELL_915MHZ

    I would like if you give some feedback.

    Regards, Edi

  • Mod

    @eiten I would expect the defines to have something like SX1262 in their name instead of CUBECELL. This would conform to the convention used for other radios. But please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Can we expect other SX1262-based radios to work with this transport? If that's the case, naming the transport MY_SX1262 would be great. But it we expect other SX1262-based radios to require a different implementation, MY_CUBECELL makes more sense imo. Unless the Cubecell series starts providing other radios of course.

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    @eiten feedback comes here

    The existing MY_RFM95_* should not be removed - add new ones for the ones you need.

    Maybe ARDUINO_ARCH_CUBECELL should be called ARDUINO_ARCH_ASR650x ? I guess other ASR650x-based boards should work with the same hal?

    I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like the work has been performed on the master branch of MySensors. New development happens in the development branch. Since there are very few modifications of existing files, rebasing on the development branch should be easy.

  • @mfalkvidd said in Heltec Cubecell support added. Please test!:

    Can we expect other SX1262-based radios to work with this transport?

    No. To be honest, I did not realize that it's SX1262 based until @Yveaux told me! Shame on me! I based the drivers on the CubeCell internal API. Shame on me, I wasted a lot of time, SX1262-drivers would be more versatile. Maybe I should spend another night or to and write drivers for the SX1267. The ASR650x hal is OK i suppose.

  • @mfalkvidd You are right. I am starting over again. But I'm not sure if there are other ASR650x based borards.

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    @eiten you are probably right. I can't find any.

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