CubeCell reloaded: the SX126x hal drivers, please test

  • Hi everyone,
    After the good comments by @Yveaux and @mfalkvidd in this thread i started over again. After some sleepless nights, a SSD-crash destroying about 12h of coding 😢 and tons of soft drinks, I just uploadated my github repository with the SX126x drivers and the ASR650x hal.
    What is different to the things I mentioned in the thread above:

    • Everything is rebased to the developement branch as suggested by @mfalkvidd
    • CubeCell hal byebye, welcome SX126x hal. As inspired by @Yveaux, I abandoned the CubeCell drivers in favor of SX126x drivers which should work on other SX126x based modules as well. Feel free to test. The code should work for the SX1261 as well as the SX1262, but as I only have CubeCell boards, only SX1262 is tested.
    • ATM, I really dont feel like writing down all the defines, but everything is documented in MyConfig.hand in ```SX126x.h`` If you got questions. please ask.

    During developement, I found another nasty bug in ASR650x Arduino regarding IRQ handling. You should take the latest version from ASR650x github if you encounter strange freezes on a CellCube board.

    Have fun, I gotta get some sleep 😝 😴

  • I fixed a bug where transport forze during wake up

  • Admin

    @eiten Great job! Did you come across an "usable" ASR6501 datasheet - so far the information on this SoC is rather sparse?

  • @tekka thank you!
    Not really... I used the SX126x data sheet (not so well eigther) and some reverse engineering of the CubeCell LoRaWAN app (lots of printfs in read, write and gpio setting functions).
    Also, I'm not quite sure what the differences between the ASR6501 and the ASR6502 are.

  • @tekka said in CubeCell reloaded: the SX126x hal drivers, please test:

    Did you come across an "usable" ASR6501 datasheet

    In mean time, Heltec was rather helpful and sent me this link. I'll try it out, starting with the watchdog...

  • Admin

    @eiten Yep, already saw this one. Based on the heltec implementation, the sx-registers are mapped to specific memory regions of the mcu. Would be interesting to have here a complete ASR-specific documentation...

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