[SOLVED] 2.3.1 TO 2.3.2 MyConfig.h got changed

  • Finally got around to upgrading to the latest library using Arduino IDE -
    I went into library manager and just selected upgrade to 2.3.2
    I re-uploaded my code to the sensor I'm working on and no communication anymore. Long story short...the channel number has been reset to default in MyConfig.h

    Just curious if there was a particular reson for this?
    All working well once I sussed what had happened. Thank goodness for backups.

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    @grumpazoid said in 2.3.1 TO 2.3.2 MyConfig.h got changed:

    .the channel number has been reset to default in MyConfig.h

    What do you mean by has been reset? If you manually made changes to MyConfig.h they will always get lost on an upgrade of the library because the files in the library are overwritten by the new ones!
    If you need to change the channel you should do so in your sketch, not in the library.

  • @Yveaux Yes I had manually changed MyConfig.h to reflect the channel number I use. I thought I had read that was the way to do it. Okay thanks for putting me straight. Good to know it was just normal behaviour. I'll add it to each of my sketches in future.

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