Air Quality sensor CJMCU-8118

  • Hello MYSensors friends,

    I am making some air quality & temp/hum sensors for the home, I have already finished the first one with a BME280 and a CCS-811 sensor that also works, including an rgb led.

    For the other sensors I ordered a CJMCU-8118, which is actually a CCS-811 and an HDC-1080 in one, so that saves some space on the assembly.

    Only now I run into the problem that the CCS-811 part indicates extremely high values, while the other sensor with the separate CCS-811 gives low values ...

    I used the same scketch for both, only replaced a BME part for the HDC.

    Does any of you know how it is possible that the combined sensor indicates such a high value, the sensor has now been burned in for over a day.

    or maybe someone has another option without me having to calibrate the sensors first.
    I am not concerned with exact values, but simply an indication of the air quality.

    thank you!

  • @dzjr said in Air Quality sensor CJMCU-8118:

    I used the same scketch for both, only replaced a BME part for the HDC.

    I am not sure what you mean by this, but it could be the problem.

    Test each sensor one at a time with a good known working code. Then combine the two into one sketch.

    Most sensors in industry need calibration depending on cost and what is being sensed. In this case you may have to introduce an offset if one sensor is reading values higher or lower than real like values.

    Also ir might help to post a link to the item you are using.

  • @skywatch

    Thank you for your response,

    Of course I also used the separate (test) sketch to test, I also arrive at the end of the measuring range, with one of the combined, and with the second (had ordered two) I don't get any measurements at all, unfortunately.

    The HDC sensor does send values, and with the I²C scanner I also see two sensors, but the CCS gives me no or incorrect values.

    I'll just say that I bought a fake sensor, I will now just order a separate CCS-811.

    Just understood that the CCS-811 does not need to be called, because first chose the BME860, but I didn't get any good value from that, I think because the calibration is not going well.

  • Unless you make progress on this yourself you need to do the following to get more help.

    1. Post links to the items you are trying to use.
    2. Post links to the libraries you are using to achieve this.
    3. Post your code.

    Without the above it's all a shot in the dark.

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