PlatformIO - Zephyr SSD1306 on nRF52840 dongle & STM411CE Black Pill

  • Hi everyone!

    I've been developing for the nrf52840 Dongle and the stm32f411ce (blackpill_f411ce) using initially Arduino IDE, Segger Embedded Studio with Nordic SDK, then using PlatformIO with the Arduino framework, now moved onto using Zephyr RTOS under PlatformIO.

    All seems to work well with these frameworks under PlatformIO, with several options of uploading the firmware to the nrf52840 and stm32f411ce (DFU via serial, J-Link or ST-Link).

    Under PlatformIO, I use nrf52840 with the Adafruit Bootloader & Nordic Bootloader for development, and Adafruit CircuitPython for experimentation. This s combination works well.

    Recently I've tried to get the stock SSD1306 OLED display example to work under Zephyr with nrf52840 and stm32f411ce. The firmware builds fine but I get nothing on the OLED display. The problem is most likely the configuration of the devicetree for the devices. I have no issues in running the SSD1306 display with PlatformIO + Arduino nrf52840/stm32f411ce.

    Has anyone on the forum got the SSD1306 display run with PlatformIO + Zephyr? If so, I'd be interested in knowing more what I'm doing wrong or missing.

    Alternatively, I'd be grateful if anyone can direct me to any examples. I have reviewed the Zyphyr docs but can's see where I may be going wrong. I'd be glad share more details.


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