3d printing for accessories designer

  • Hello everyone! I'm new in the forum 🙂

    I'm a jewellery/accesories designer from Spain and I'm looking forward into buying a 3d printer. I make jewellery with Hips, so I'm not interested on a SLA printer, as I also understood it can be toxic and it takes way more time to print.

    I've attached some pictures of the pieces I make, a 3d printing studio printed them for me, and I'm looking forward to print them myself from now on. Please note that the pieces hav A LOT of postprocessing.

    I cannot decide which 3d printer to buy (I have just used an Ender 3) and I would really appreciate some advice, these are my specifications:

    • the smaller the better, the max I will print is 5cm and I don't have a garage so it will be on my desk.
    • max 500€
    • it needs to be able to print Hips
    • more in the silent side
    • I'm a bit nomad and I usually move between cities/countries quite regularly, so it needs to be portable or at least enclosed, to move it more easily.

    From my research, I've found some that I find interesting:

    -Monoprice mini v2 (I'm not sure if it can print hips, some sites say yes and some say no)
    -Monoprice Voxel
    -Flashforge Adventurer 3
    -Prusa mini

    Thanks in advance for the help, please ask if you need more information. And sorry for my broken English.

    Have a good day



    magnet brooch

    magnet brooch

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    Hi @laurabarreda
    I'm a newbie here too. Found this forum to find 3D printer parts but haven't found an answer to my question yet.

    When I was looking for a printer for myself, I was asked almost the same questions. When choosing, there were 2 important parameters - the possible transportation and printing of large products. I found Dremel Digilab 3D20 for myself, and when I bought it, it cost a little over $ 500. I am sure that if you look for it, you can find it for 500. Well, or buy from someone else (I mean previously used).

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    Thanks for sharing!

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