Floor Cooling in my House

  • Hi There,

    I am working on floor cooling in my house. I want to use MySensors for this. In the room to be cooled, I want to make a sensor with floor temperature and some other sensors that are linked via modbus to the main controller that is mounted at the water pump. The main controller has to talk with the gateway.

    Now my question.

    Is it possible to link 2 MySensors via modbus and that 1 of these 2 MySensors talks to the gateway?
    I am thinking of some kind of repeater function.

  • Hi,

    @Strontvlieg, you can use Node-red for that, it's simple and work fine.
    I use both Modbus and Mysensor at home, with Node-red.

    Modbus Node red
    Mysensors Node red

    With this solution, it will be easy to do what you need to achieve.

  • @Ikes-72000


    I know Node-Red and use it with Home-Assistant.

    The floor cooling must be fail-proof, so it must also work without a gateway. this is the reason that the control panel is connected to the main controller via modbus.

    This will not work with Node-Red because a gateway is required for control.

    I'm afraid to have design something for myself, maybe someone else has a good idea.

  • Banned

    I have done with this last month but somehow my controller was damaged and having an airline on it, So could you guys suggest me the best way how should I repaired. one of my friends is suggested me to put this controller in a wooden frame and for this, he is suggested me to visit at Woodworkers Coupons, do let me know is someone is ever experienced such type of coupon codes.

  • @Julie-Adam Have you considered disconnecting the air-line from the controller and reconnecting it to the air-head ?
    The cranium woodframe is probably interrupting signals which possibly
    explains the coupon fascination...

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