Killing Nano's...

  • Hey,

    So thought I'd give this a try as it seemed simple enough; yet all I've achieved is 3 dead nanos...

    Im using Arduino 1.6.0, downloaded the latest library and a VERA3 on UI5.

    I got a brand you Nano, fresh out the packet, connected everything up and plugged in to the nano to the Vera. Serial port reconised so all looking good. Installed the VERA plugin, all seemed fine. Disconnected the VERA and connected my laptop, uploaded the 'serialgateway' sketch with no problems, again all looking great.

    This is where it starts to go wrong....

    Connected it back to the VERA, this time not detecting the serial port. Lots of restarting late, still no port.

    Hmmm ok strange, connect back to PC to reupload the sketch but not device manager is throwing an error and wont install the driver.

    Give up with the arduino, get another fresh nano (from another manufacturer. SAME THING HAPPENS.

    OK, last shot. Genuine Nano this time and didnt connect the radio module and use the other VERA USB port. Yet again the same thing happens...

    I have 1 nano left, what do I do?!

  • Admin

  • Oh no, I fear you might be right.

    But why my official Nano?

    I will try on another machine with old drivers and upload a different sketch a few times first.

  • Yup, you were spot on.

    After a few hours of cursing I found you can undo the bricking.

    !!! !!! !!! For anyone else do not use driver versions 2.11 or 2.12. !!! !!! !!!

    CDM V2.10.00 is the latest driver you can use and is still available on the FTDI site.

    Anyone thats bricked like me, remove the drivers you have an install 2.10. Then download MProg 3.5 also on FTDI site, scan and find your device. Click Tools --> Read & Parse. If you product ID now shows 0000 then its bricked, change this back to 6001. Save and program. You should be back.

  • Check this, very good take Dave have on it.. FTDI Gate
    I got hit hard at the time, had 5 chips that stopped working, was going MAD until I figure it out.

  • Hi,

    Try this solution...

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