Use sensors with serial output

  • Hi,

    I'd like to connect my Smart Meter to Domoticz. I thought about using an ESP32 as a gateway/sensor combination.
    So. The ESP32 would have to run a serial port somehow which would receive the serial data from the smart meter
    (just 9600 Baud) and at the same time act as a gateway in the Mysensors environment.
    Is anyone aware of an example for that? I don't think I have to reinvent any wheels here. Life's short 😉


    Edit: A MySensors node, connected to a nearby gateway would probably work just as well...

  • Mod

    @hyla these meters produce a lot of serial data (at least for P1 protocol) which might be too much for mysensors if you just want to stream that data.
    I'm using tasmota instead (wifi) and extract the data in node - red.

  • This is possible yes. In fact I used this setup before, but in the end I stopped using it and separated the gateway from the P1 handling. I noticed very high rates of CRC failures, since the mysensors stuff takes time to handle also, and during this time characters from the P1 port got lost. I should say though that after I separated these, I did some improvements on the P1 decoding which may give better results when it is being used together with the gateway. I didn't send it to mysensors but directly to mqtt.

    Tasmota is also able to handle the P1 stream by the way, with a template.

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