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    In home assistant, there is an option to controll tilt of the rollershutter but currently mysensors integration is not supporting that feature.

    I decided to modify the integration and add such support. Unfortunately I've used V_VAR1 to carry position of the tilt, because it was only one I could legaly use.

    It is working fine and I would create pull request to github, but I need common understanding with you guys which type of the message should be used. Is V_VAR1 ok or new one should be introduced in mysensors?''

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  • @hypnosiss Hi there, glad to hear someone is developing code for venetian blind covers 👍 .
    Just some thoughts on this:
    Despite using some kind of custom field might be ok or having a commonly used seperate variable might be fine as well, I personally would tend to just use a second set of the S_COVER-variables under a seperate child ID.
    Not sure, how other home automation systems deal with that, but this seems to be some kind of standard for actors supporting a venetian blind mode. E. g. newer Z-Wave devices like Fibaro FGR-223 or Tasmota (starting with also just present a secon "blind" to control tilt position.

  • In case of control under separate ID I am not sure whether Home Assistant will merge controlling tilt and cover position in one card like here

    it would be ideal to create separate variable but probably it could be a long process (update mysensors lib -> update pymysensors -> update home assistant to use never version of pymysensors -> update home assistant to support new variable and probably also modules to use newer version of mysensors).

  • Very important feature, actually I can't understand how it is still missing in MySensors. Ultimately there should be just one more percentage value with a proper name added to the same device ID. Separate ID is not a good idea, because of the reason you presented. As you say, it seems quite difficult this way, but nonetheless this should be a goal here. Using VAR1 is a good and fully functional workaround though. I'm looking forward to see your code.

  • @hypnosiss have you shared your code already? Could you put here a link to your solution. I would like to see how did you managed to connect V_VAR1 to second slider. Thanks in advance!

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