BME 280 pinout reversed...

  • I bought BME 280 sensors online that seem to have the pinout in reverse for some reason, I can't explain it otherwise because I believe my wiring is correct yet it only works in reverse (see pictures)
    Is this an error of the manufacturer or is there some other reason it works in this order.
    20220712_195506.jpg ![20220712_195451.jpg]

  • The second image was missing for some reason here it is


  • @ueb
    For me the connections according your photos are correct for ESP32.

    • SDA - 21
    • SCL - 22


  • That is odd. I have one that I bought a year or so ago. Looks just like yours, from what I can tell from the photo. But it works with the pinout as labeled.

  • Even stranger is that I bought two of these from the same seller (on aliexpress) and they both work in reverse pin order

  • Hero Member

    Maybe they reflowed the chip on backwards (rotated 180 degrees)? You could compare the chips orientation to photos of known good breakout boards, or to the datasheet. If so, you'd definitely have a solid case for a refund if it's worth your time to pursue it with the seller.

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