Where to change settings?

  • Hi there!
    Where can I change settings like the IP address or the protocol version in current HA release?
    Thanks, Edi

  • Hi @eiten

    If you just want to find the IP address of HA you can use the command line (in windows)

    ping -4 homeassistant.local

    Find the version of HA is found by: settings-->about

    I use my router to set the IP address of HA.

    At the router you should be able to determine the MAC (media access control) address of HA. This address is six, two digit hex numbers eg E5:16:A7:92:87:BB. If your HA is online, you'll find the MAC associated with the current IP of HA.

    Your router should have a section for DHCP (dynamic host control protocol) When a device requests and IP address from the router, the DHCP routine provides it. The nomenclature seems to be different for every router, but somewhere in the DHCP configuration settings you'll be able to manually associate the MAC to the desired IP address. Save and exit.

    Next time you restart HA it should have the address you specified.

    Note on HA running in virtual machines: The MAC is a random number selected when the virtual machine is created. I believe it may be able to be set when the virtual machine is created. It's very bad to have two devices on the same network with the same MAC.

    I'm not sure one can change the version number. I would not advise doing that.

  • Hey @OldSurferDude

    thanks for the info. But I want to know where I can change the IP of the MySensors-TCP-Gateway.

    Regards, Edi

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