hlk-pm01 are to noisy for rfm69?

  • Hello . it's the 3rd node that i build with the combo arduino promini 3.3v + hlk-pm01 + rfm69 and all need wire ground to earth (on wallsocket) to let rfm69 comunicate.
    otherwise will fail on every comunication even near Gateway...
    Personally i only think in noise.but everyone say that hlk-pm01 are low noise.
    I'm not using any cap after hlk-pm01 for snooth voltage but i already try it before without better result.
    rfm69 is powered by the pro mini integrated regulator.
    Any one had this problem?

  • i believe this problem has to be with rfm69CW and not the rfm69W . i have boot versions 868mhz and normally always the CW cause me this issues if is not batery powered even with 100uf +100nf caps filtering on transformer out, caps on the rfm60 power etc... maybe they are fake or have any problem. . i just ordered new rfm69W board and let me see if get better. right now i have like 10 nodes running outdoor on irrigation ,controlling relays and lights ,and metering temperatures. all with RFM69W ans HW ,this CW always give problems...

  • @Tmaster It would certainly imply the PSU or mains are causing noise to appear, but it could be on anywhere in the combination, but it's not necessarily at the rfm itself.
    I'd surmise your problem is related to proximity of the psu or mains power.
    eg - I have 3 un-shielded nodes with rfm69 variations running on 5v wall wart PSUs and battery backup and never had a single problem - The difference to your scenario is that the closest PSU and mains is 250mm away.
    One has been running on an old Nokia "charger" and USB breakout now for 6 years straight between power cuts (and christ almighty we do get them) yet it is still going strong.

    Perhaps reconsider your chosen method of supplying shore-power... 😉

  • Maybe you are right and it's the proximity to a switching tranformer like this hlk-pm01 .They are all on same protoboard aprox 50x60mm. i could build a sheld on it but....now its working with the rfm69version W ok for a few days.
    The strange part is this combo was very used a few years now on made pcbs the on forum wher they had the maker/developer contest and never seen a line of this problem...

  • @Tmaster Never assume the original PCB was just a circuit of components, the PCB can incorporate RF shields and antenna radio ground planes...

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