No heartbeat with Arduino Micro + nRF2401

  • Hi folks,

    I recently bought a official arduino micro to give it a shot for Mysensors library. I tried to compile the distance sensor example and recieved a error for multiple definition of vector_41. Then I decided to go with the sketch on API page ( It compiled and uploaded without any errors however I didn't see any activity or any serial traces even if I added so. Next I decided to add a led toggle but no response either.

    Does anyone come up with something similar?

  • Don't forget to add the extra files needed for this .
    They are found under build and vera controller. You need these for it to work.

  • Hi,

    I don't think my problem is something about a missing file. I have succesfully run the very same program on UNO. Therefore I was thinking about a missing / wrong definition for resource inside the mysensors library for ATmega32u4 mcu.

    To ensure that my micro is working properly, I have uploaded the sketch under Examples->1.Basics->Blink. It works without problem, I can see the serial traces as well.

    Nevertheless I would like to try what you have suggested, but it is not clear for me since I have recently joined to Arduino World


  • In My Sensors go under folder or title bar called " controllers". Then choose "Vera" and midway through this block there is a subject for additional and needed files you use in distance sensors they need to be installed for all to work.

  • Admin


    Sorry to say that I haven't got any ATmega32u4 to test on.

    But in the github/development branch it is possible to create different hardware profiles. Currently we've only implemented one for the ATmega328p.

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