simple but effective controller???

  • Hello,
    The choice of controllers is great, but is that there is one that is really suited to MySensors?
    When using MySensors is by what is sought an independent, not linked formally or informally in a commercial activity that may disappear, and we want to be able to adapt his system to his needs.
    Does there exists no typical controller "MySensors" to do what we want?
    The proposed controllers want to be compatible with all products. Rather than trying to do everything and do evil, there is a well which makes perfectly simple tasks?
    If you do not live in an apartment or a small house, and if you want to make a suitable system must be able to simply manage existing automation, not an inter lighting or flap, it's impossible. So we need to manage multiple (many!) Digital input, digital outputs, temperatures etc ... but not with a commercial product that can not be adapted.
    A simple controller which perfectly do simple tasks instead of trying to do everything and do it wrong, that we can really adapt to his needs ???

    If someone has an idea, thank you! 🙂

    (Machine translation hardly corrected, sorry if it's a little gibberish :))

  • Hardware Contributor

    More and more solutions for home automation are popping up. Neither do I like all this proprietary solutions which try to integrate everything.

    My first attempt with home automation based on fhem which is a really nice software. I could do everything I needed. But it is a monotlith with many dependencies and seemed to be a dead end for me.

    My I actual setup is grouped around the MQTT protocol. This is an open protocol and I can attach what I like in a really simple way:

    • HomeMatic components with homegear
    • MySensors with MQTT client gateway
    • edgerouter with my own script
    • OpenHAB
    • PI2
    • FritzBox
    • NetAtmo

    In OpenHab I do not map MQTT topics, as I do not like direct dependencies between nodes and the UI. I opened up the OpenHab bus to MQTT instead. With this approach I can have multiple UIs with different technologies synchronized.

    In this setup, message routing and transformation is very important and I do this with node-red. node-red does

    • message routing
    • messge transformation
    • persistance of messages
    • visualizations (simple UIs)
    • websocket access to data from all the home automation components

    With OpenHAB 2.0 they will try to integrate more and more technologies with wizards. I hope, this will not make it to complicated to setup a simple, general approach, like I do have.

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