Serial Port for Node

  • I'd like to use a DF Player Sound Module on a node using a Pro Mini. The sound module can be controlled using a serial interface at 9600 but all serial libraries I've tried - being the usual ones on the Arduino and Teensy websites use interupts and while running well without MySensors included always bring up compilation errors when including MySensors.
    Although there is another method of control using stepped analog voltages on other inputs , I'd prefer to use the serial inputs if possible. Has anyone ever connected a serial device to a node? Any suggestions would be welcome.

  • @BobC OK no problem. A new idea. As I only need to Tx to the player I'll just do a bit of bit banging to a pin. That should work just fine.
    The idea behind the project is to add a door bell to my system which has selectable MP3 files to play when the 'button' is pressed. Really quite a fun thing to have a personalised message to welcome visitors to special events rather than just a DingDong.

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