Domoticz crashes after more than one node being presented

  • Hi,

    I'm using Domoticz on a Raspi and have an Arduino Uno as a serial Mysensors gateway . The gateway starts and a node connected to a Pro Trinket 5v running on a 9v battery shows up in Domoticz without a problem.

    Now the thing is when I add a second node, also on a Pro Triketk 5v sometimes the two nodes are both seen by Domoticz and within a couple of minutes Domoticz crashes or it crashes almost right away. Both nodes use the same sketch with different sketchnames. When a crash occurs I cannot even ssh into the pi anymore and domoticz is shown as being offline. The log shows no errors what so ever...

    Anyone familiar with this problem?

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    It happened to me using an unstable beta. I did something in the compilation (installing boost i think) and it happened to me.
    I recompiled and everything worked. If you are using the finished image i dont know 馃槥

  • @sundberg84 hi, I've just reinstalled everything using the latest image this afternoon and the problem still exists.. But thanks anyway!

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    Many crashes from Domoticz come from a corrupted database. You can restore a backup or new version. Likely more help on the domoticz forum

  • @AWI Hey, I've already rebuild the DB too and still without luck.. The gateway is connected to a quite old RPI B model in the barn just to control watervalves over GPIO which have to operate autonomous after my soil moisture sensors send back a certain value. First I thought that it could be some kind of power problem, but feeding the gateway with it's own 5v power supply didn't solve anything either.

    I've read something about domoticz crashing in some cases due to too much EMI, but all devices are boxed and the gateway is as far away from the pi as the cable allows so that doesn't seen a very likely cause to me..

    Every idea or suggestion is more than welcome...!

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    @Bram81 There are many ways to crash a Pi (and Domoticz). If you can isolate the problem to a certain (reproducable) action where it happens that would help. Possibly attaching a new sensor? Like I said, better to use the Domoticz forum for specific Domoticz related problems.

  • However it's not realy a specific Mysensors matter I thought it might be usefull for others suffering on the same problem. It turned out that the Rpi and Domoticz crashed after being presented more than 1 node due to some 1Wire issue. Strange thing is I wasn't even using 1wire.

    Disabling it running sudo rmmod w1_gpio did the trick. Domoticz is running stable and taking as by now, four nodes without any problem.

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    @Bram81 strange - I am running domoticz for ages (using most updates beta branch) with no stability issues.

  • I got the same config and the same problem.
    RaspberryPi 2B, usb gateway on a arduino uno v3
    And in sketch i see that the node has a sensor and at that moment domoticz crashes into the offline screen.
    So at the moment that the pi or domoticz receives the sensor domoticz crashes.

    What can i do about that???

  • I've done the above sudo rmmod w1_gpio, a couple reboots and at this moment it detects a unknown energie meter and isn't crashing 馃檪
    So maybe some smart brains should have a look at this.....

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