EnergyMeterPulseSensor Example. Bug/Problem? with "Current Watt" variable

  • Hi, I am using Domoticz V.2563 (stable) and Mysensors 1.4. I just tested this program ( and it is working and counting. However I found a small bug with "Current Watt" counter. Let me describe under:
    Photo Sensor is connected exacly as schematic states to Arduino Nano. I can see my sensor under Utility Sensor and I can see Current Watt, Total usage kWh, and Daily usage kWh. If I turn my AC I can see that the Total / Daily counter is increasing each 20 sec about +0.018kWh and Current Watt value is 1659 Watt, however if I turn off my AC the counter is increasing each 20 sec about +0.003kWh but STILL the Current Watt value is 1659 Watt! Sometimes it changes to other value but it can take from 5 to 20 min even. I was trying to check the code, but I do not know what fix should I apply. Anyway counter is counting properly, but I think that Current Watt feature should be somehow reprogrammed. To clarify I run default code, so sleep option is disabled.

    Looking forward for your reply 😉


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