Future PIR Enclosure or existing PIR modification, not sure yet :)

  • Hey friends!

    I've been on the hunt now for a cheap enclosure for the PIR motion sensors I plan to build. Was originally going to go with a snap together case and cut/hack it apart that I found at the dollar store, then I found this:


    It's an existing battery powered, PIR LED light! It's a nice unit on it's own, for $4.99 retail. It's powered by 3AA batteries in series, gives a total of roughly 4Volts when measured across the battery pack. The PIR sensor itself is a 110 degree motion sensor, but in all honesty I think it's closer to 90-95 from my testing. The 10 LED lights that it comes with aren't too bad either.

    Plan on doing some more testing with this on the weekend and see what ideas I come up with. Based on what testing I did so far (without opening the case), I would say the PIR sensor in this will have to go, and since these will be permanent fixtures in my house, probably use the battery pack room for the components. Not sure if I will keep the LED lights yet or not (maybe a secondary night-light?)

    Will keep posting in this thread as I go along. Here are a few more pics I got for ideas. 🙂

    IMG_20150822_110617.jpg IMG_20150822_110628.jpg IMG_20150822_110246.jpg

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