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  • Hi,
    I built while ago this little thingie
    rgb servo spot
    I used arduino with bluetooth. Now my nrf240l rf's came along with arduino mini's. And i built gw with one test borad to verify that everything is working with domoticz (and it is 🙂 ). Now I would like to convert this servo rgb spot. It has rgb leds (actualy 3 separate led's but effect is same) and two servos for for two axes. What would be best way to controll it (mysensots and domoticz solution) also im thinking about buying some eeproms and i installing some ota bootloader. AT25640 are ok?

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    @siklosi What I would do: have the light itself be controlled by a S_RGB_LIGHT and V_RGB. The horizontal and vertical servo's can probably be best controlled with with S_COVER and V_PERCENTAGE. Domoticz knows several variations of cover (or blinds) which give you all the possibilities.

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