ESP8266 Gateway can't Press start for inclusion

  • Hi All

    Been a while as my setup had been running flawlessly, then my vera had some issues and long story short I had to start again. I decided to try the Esp8266 Wifi gateway, and all seemed to go well until I can't get inclusion working.

    My vera is running 1.7.388 I have got the sensor up and running and can ping it and connect to it with MYSController, I added it to Vera and it comes up w ith the logo and Connected to: but when I go to do an inclusion nothing happens it doesn't register the click on start .
    Any help i can get to get this working again I would really appreciate

    thanks in advance

  • OK I have done some more trouble shooting and have come up with what happens

    If I re-flash the Gateway back to the stable (MySensors Arduino library) then I can get Vera to start inclusion mode and find my nodes. but when it does my light sensors report the wrong data from another thread I learnt that the development MySensors Arduino library gateway build fixes this. I flash back to Developmental build and my light and motion start working on nodes that I have all ready included, only now I can not add any more with out re-flashing back then adding and then re-flashing again so I get the right info reported from my nodes.

    Am I missing some thing?
    at least for the moment I have every thing working 🙂

  • Admin

    I just fixed a couple of issues with the inclusion mode/button feature.

    Might be worth to give it another try.

  • Thanks Hek I will give it a go tonight and let you know the out come.


  • I gave it ago but still no luck with the inclusion mode

  • Admin

    You have enabled

    Which esp pin are you using for the inclusion button (if you have one)?

    I see that pin 3 seem to be used for flash.. not sure if that is such a good choice.


  • I haven't got a Inclusion button (physical) setup just using the software start button from Vera. I will try using a physical button see if that helps.
    I'm using the NodeMCU board

  • @Opus40

    Try changing browsers. I've had that happen in other browsers but it seems to work fine with Chrome.

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