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  • Hi guys!

    I've got an idea to use mysensors devices for education in the class but I'm thinking how to run multiple networks in the same area. I'm thinking about using different RF channels for different set of "sensors+gateway" packs. So my question -- is it possible to switch the channel in runtime? Basically, I'm thinking about starting sensors on some "public" channel, switch given gateway to the same "public" channel to send its "private" channel number so all nodes running on "public" channel will receive it, switch to that channel and store it to EEPROM for the next start. After that gateway will switch back to its "private" channel to talk to new sensors.

    Or maybe you could suggest some other way for given task..


  • I suppose it is not possible to do... Maybe any alternative ideas? Is there any way I can have, for example, two networks running with no need to re-compile and re-upload their code?

  • It should be possible. Why not use the SetChannel() function of the RF24 library to set a different channel for each network? And use few jumpers connected to free inputs of the cpu for channelselection, and/or Sensor-ID selection. So no need for recompilation....or automatic configuration....which method is also possible, but needs more code changes..

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