Led dimmer board / openmili integration?

  • Hello to you gurus...

    I currently have milight controlled led strips in livingroom roof and in bottom of my kitchens cabinets. Im planning to add leds in top of my cabinets too.

    All the wiring comes to same place and it would be easy to control all the lights with mysensors.

    Kitchen leds works with 24v and livingroom leds works with 12v.

    Actual question is that what is the best solution to control two ledstrips in 12v and two ledstrips with 24v, ill already have transformers for this.

    Im intrested of using milight remote controller to control my lights, has anyone tried this openmili thing with arduinos?

    Electrics isnt the problem, ill can manage with it. Ofcourse if you have some solutions to make 3.3v, 5v from 24v to handle arduino and radio and 12v to handle a ledstrips witch take about 50w. This all have to fit in same mainboard so i would manage with only 24v transformer.

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