SPI transaction support?

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    I'm looking at using an input and output shift register (one of each) on the SPI bus so I started reading more about how it works and how to use it. I seen several SPI related conflicts in the forum (needing soft SPI) and don't want to go down the SPI path if it's going to be a problem when I try to add the radio or ethernet in to my build. I was reading these pages


    which discusses the transaction support system in the SPI library (it's dated 2014). This seems to get around several SPI issues including individual libraries initializing the SPI bus to whatever values they want which causes problems in other libraries. I don't see any calls in the current dev branch like that and I do seem some code where the bus is set for an individual sensor (lighting sensor example) which might cause problems when adding other SPI hardware.

    So I'm curious: does the current MySensors libraries have these problems (I don't seen any transaction code anywhere) - i.e. is this something I should be worried about? If yes, how do people feel about using this new system to solve those problems?

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