Relay node keeps dropping out

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    Has anyone experienced problems with relay nodes randomly dropping out and needing a reset?
    I have a "sprinkler" node with 6 relays\switches published to mysensor gateway.
    it is sitting approx 20-30m from the gw and will work flawlessly for 2-3 days and then just drop out and need a reset.
    I was thinking of adding a repeater sensor inbetween?

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    This is a common problem. Had it myself.
    Often there are two possible reasons:

    • There are spikes of power if a relay is switched, that may lead to a freeze of the NRF.
    • The emission of the relay may cause a freeze of the NRF too.

    I suggest:

    • Ensure a proper power supply. Maybe switch the power supply.
    • Add a capacitor to NRF.
    • Check debug output: is the atmel mcu freezing or the NRF?
    • Add optocoupler between Arduino and Relay

    Good luck!

  • Thanks @TimO
    Power spike would make sense as there is a mix of 240 and 24VAC

    I am going to put the 240 into another box where my zwave 240 switches are and ill add a capacitor


  • I once had a sonar device that behaved similar, could run for a few days, and suddenly be dead, then I unplugged power and power back and it could run again a few days - I was the NRF24L01+ that somehow was broken, since after I replaced the NRF24L01+ it have been working stable for several months

  • I have not been home so i am unable to change radios or add capacitors, but what i have done and has worked for 3-4 days now is just adding delays between switching the relays.
    Before i would switch 1 off and 1 on at the same time, now i have added 15 seconds between and it is working without issue (fingers crossed)

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