Lost USB/Serial Port Connection on Vera 3 AGAIN

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    I had to power cycle my Vera 3 today to move the power plug and now I've lost the USB/Serial port connection AGAIN. Just about every time anything at all happens the serial port goes away and does not want to recover.

    I've reloaded all the LUUP files, reloaded LUUP, power cycled, Rebooted, everything I can think of to no avail.

    When Vera restarts it says Select Serial Port. In Develop Apps the Serial :Port selection shows unavailable. I know the USB is working, the USB Logging appears to be working --- although that also went away in the original power cycle

    Does anyone have a fix or work around for this problem? I guess I'm going to have to get cracking on building the Ethernet Gateway, this is ridiculous.

  • Have you tried a powered usb-hub?
    I use one and have no problems with a memory-stick (for logging and DataYours) and the gateway connected. I can do software reboots and power-cycles and the gw gives no problems. Are you confident about the Arduino's USB-chip? There are counterfeit ft232's out there.

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    --- Are you confident about the Arduino's USB-chip?
    I can't speak to that, I have no idea 🙂

    --- Powered Bub?
    I haven't tried a powered hub but the Vera 3 has two USB ports, the Logs stick is on one and the Arduino is on the other.

  • As suggested try a USB powered hub, i had a similar problem with my Vera and this did fix it.

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    I don't know if this is the same issue I have when I completely unplug my Vera but my work around is to unplug the USB to the Arduino Nano and then plug in Vera. Then, wait until the z-wave light turns on and then plug in the Nano. When I do that I don't have to set up the gateway again. If I have it plugged in when I unplug/plug in Vera it makes me setup the gateway again. Let me know if you need more info.

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    Thanks to all. @jribera's power sequence actually makse some sort of obtuse sense in the world of Vera 🙂

    I ended up by tackling the Ethernet Gateway project I had on hold. Late last week I received the iBoard I ordered to use for the gateway (see http://forum.mysensors.org/topic/224/iboard-cheap-single-board-ethernet-arduino-with-radio ).

    I'd planned on working on it sometime in the next few weeks. But since I was already off the air I figured I'd just jump in and get it done. I had it up and running in under an hour.

  • Having same issue, but I use this remotely at a rental property so it's a tad bit difficult to drive 12 hours round trip to fix. I'm taking your suggestion and will start building the Ethernet Gateway. Thanks.

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    I have the same problem whenever I power cycle my Vera 3 - not sure why but to recover, you can use the following steps reliably.

    1. Unplug gateway from V3 USB port
    2. Click Reload on V3 main page
    3. Plug gateway into V3 USB port
    4. Click Reload on V3 main page
    5. Configure serial port per Mysensors instructions (usually, you only need to reset the baud rate to 115200)

  • Hi,

    I triede it with version 1.2 and it worked fine, but a had to use the serial port in the vera for a RF device i changede it to ethernet version. Now i dont use the RF device anymore, in the meantime i was on version 1.3... So i decieded to upgrade to 1.4 and use the serial GW... None of my many Uno's Nano's and even a MEGA worked, the Vera couldnt see any USB, so i triede also with a powered HUB, different types of USB cables, still nothing... The i went back to the 1.3 version still nothing... Then i made a complete reset of the vera nad connected the Serial GW again, nothing...

    Hmm, thinking if i should try the old 1.2 again or just keep the ethernet GW shield...


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    I just had a power outage at home that lasted longer than my battery backup. The power came back up while I was at work and nothing I tried would bring the usb gateway back up. This got me thinking. If I was away on vacation and I had a power outage none of my sensors would work. Not ideal...

    It's my understanding from the posts above that the ethernet gateway would solve this problem. If that's true (can someone confirm?), is the W5100 Ethernet Module the best one to get?



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    I had continual problems with the serial gateway, even with a separate radio power supply. Seems like VeraLite does not like to power external arduino boards. I bought the Wiznet board that plugs into a UNO board, uploaded the gateway sketch and everything is working great (so far). Took some searching to figure out how to set the static ip and the port number on my router but other than that was very straightforward.

  • @stofakiller Try to find Arduino Nano with FTDI usb chipset, the problem is on the Vera's firmware usb driver not happy to work with CH340 usb chipset ( most of the clones Arduino is build with CH340 for cost saving I guess ) .

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