Alarm not triggering?

  • I have a few sensors that i would like to trigger a motor controller.
    heres an overview of my setup:
    i have a raspberry pi running mycontroller connected through my serial gateway on /dev/ACM0
    i have a motor controller to control blinds that register as S_COVER.
    i have a light sensor.

    when the light sensor gets to say 60% for example, i would like to trigger the S_COVER to open. so i go into action board > my led sensor > alarms > add
    but it will never trip. my sensor is reading data. it will say 61 percent for example but never trip. What am i missing?

  • Plugin Developer

    @Connor-Rigby What is the notification type are you using?

    You should use send payload option and you should point out S_COVER sensor.
    Can you elaborate bit more about alarm conditions or it will be good if you put screenshot of alarm definitions.
    Which version of MyController are you using?

  • 2016-01-05 (2).png

    this is my alarm set up.
    right now my sensor reports tripped or untripped. for example i want it to activate the motor down when tripped.
    im using the latest version but ive tried with alpha 5 also to no avail.

  • Plugin Developer

    @Connor-Rigby you should to add payload, right now it looks blank.

  • omg thank you so much. i dont know how i missed that

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