How to wire this?

  • Hello again! Im trying to get better at understanding schematics.. This is what I want to do on my breadboard LINK to schematic

    NPN is a TIP120 transistor.

    IR led is a simple 5mm 940nm with 2 legs.

    What does "D21 IR" mean?

    How exactly do I wire this?.. I dont understand how to wire From A0 to the TIP120 with 4.7k resistor to IR LED..

    Thank you for help!

    edit: This is a part of the schematic from
    Basicly if I figure this out I want to make a Wifi button so when I press the button, the ir will start the TV and my phone will get a notification that will trigger tasker to run a scene in the android App imperihome.

    This scene would do something like Turn off some lights, Dim those lights, set this light to this colour and so on.. For Friday/Saturday nights 🙂

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    Could you describe how far you've gotten in your wiring so far, and what isn't working?

    "D21 IR" is the IR led.

  • @mfalkvidd

    I have just put my nodemcu on a breadboard, connected it to ground and vin. I have also just put the led and the transistor on the board.

    I wanted to start with just making the IR part work to turn on the TV and then continue from there. This is my first time following a schematic like this and also first time using a transistor. Im more used to the very user friendly guides from @hek where everything is visual on how to wire. This type of schematic confuse me but I want to learn 🙂

    So if "D21 IR" is the IR led this means..

    • 4.7K resistor from A0 to the + of the Transistor
      -3.3V to the + of IR LED and also from + of IR led to + Of transistor?


    Thanks again 🙂

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    Untitled Sketch 2_bb.png
    Do you mean that you're used to something like this?
    I think this is exactly the same as your schematic (except that I didn't have nodemcu in my Fritzing library)

    This is the schematic view in Fritzing:
    Untitled Sketch 2_schem.png

  • @mfalkvidd Thank you! This is really great! 🙂

    I will take a look at this after work tomorrow 👍

  • Got delayed.. I had to order a IR reciver to find out my remote codes, didnt thought I would find them easily on the internet but nope! 🙂

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