Relay controlling speakers in multiroom music system?

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    I have this idea to run ceiling speekers to some of my rooms. They will all be connected to a amplifier and then some sort of music server.
    I want to be able to controll the speakers for every room and was thinking.

    Will it be possible to have a MySensors relay for this, connecting/disconnecting every speaker-cord from my controller?
    What do you think?

  • Mod

    I think amplifiers really dislike connecting and disconnecting speakers while the amplifier is outputting.
    You'll probably want a way to control the volume as well, so some sort of fading up/down might be needed anyway? In that case, turning off would be to (slowly) lower the volume to 0?

    I think a digital potentiometer would work, but an audiophile would probably cringe at such a solituion.

    Maybe connect a trim potentiometer and turn it and see if it works?

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    I suppose your ears won't like that too. I haven't tested it by myself but I think switching the relay will result in a lot of noise from the speakers. 🙂

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    THanks for the replies... nah, i suspected it wasnt the best choise since all I could find on www wasn pretty much on raspberry client / speaker.


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