Increasing reliability of MySensors network hardware

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm building MySensors network and really care about overall network stability and reliability. In this topic I don't want to touch software topic and focus only on hardware environment. Can somebody help to answer questions below to finally create FAQ on MySensors hardware?

    1. What is the best Arduino Pro Mini for nodes powered with power supply - is it 3.3V or 5V version, or it doesn't matter at all ?
    2. If we take 3.3V version - does internal power regulator have really enough power (with capacitor) for radio module in worst case? Or it's better to use LE33A (even if I use radio module with extended range)?
      BTW, LE33A is 100mA only, I'm not sure it's enough for worst cases, probably it's better to use L4931CZ33 (250mA versions)?
    3. I plan to use one power supply in basement and many (~20-30pcs) long (10-30 meters) power wires to Arduino nodes. What kind of capacitors it's better to use at the end of power wires? And what kind of capacitors are the best to use on radio power?
    4. Which voltage range is the best for powering Arduino Pro Mini? I planned to use 12V but it's upper limit and it's probably better to use something like 6V?
    5. I plan to use resettable fuses for nodes, could you recommend proper value for them. Is 100mA too low?
    6. Does anybody care about node PCB coating to additionally protect them against humidity?

    Thanks in advance

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