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  • I've been trying to get the Heater Device (thermostat) working in Vera but I'm having some problems with the "Off
    " and "Heat" buttons. I can see in debug that it is sending "Off" and "HeatOn". Shouldn't the buttons in the Vera device light up or something when pushed?
    I got the temperature being displayed in the Heater device in the UI.(using a DHT22). Maybe someone has a example sketch that has used this that I could look at. What am I missing ?

  • Update: (Heater Device) After doing some further research and reading i found that there was some issues in Version 1.3 ( which I am currently on). It appears that it was fixed in 1.4. So my question now is whether to upgrade to 1.4 or if someone has a patch for 1.3.? Apparently very few people are using the Heater device.

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    Hi @Jackpot

    Pls see attached my heater sketch for 1.3

    Basically i "report back" to Vera the new settings.


    Hope this helps

  • @gregl
    Thanks for the example ! I have been able to get it working now with your help. But what I am finding is that the heater setpoint is not getting sent back to the gateway properly. I found the link below that seems to address this but it appears to be only committed to 1.4 and not 1.3. I may just go ahead and make the jump to 1.4.


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    hi @Jackpot - yes i update the file on my Vera with 1.3 to use the changes..so now it works as it should.

    If when you do make the 1.4 changes, pls share the sketch back as i need to do this too!

  • @gregl
    I'm currently in the process of updating all my gateway,sensors to version 1.4. It's slow going for me as I have to learn the new gw.send... commands ect. but have been making steady progress. So far it seems like the Heater Device will work fine now.
    The sketch is for a gas fireplace control using a Dallas sensor to replace the snap switch and a DHT22 to monitor room temp. Also going to vary the speed of the fireplace fan using a "pulse skip" speed control method instead of a "phase angle" control. Works way better for AC motors in my opinion. Got the electronics done and now working on the software side. The Heater device in 1.3 was holding me up before, so once I get everything upgraded to 1.4 I can finish up. I'll post the sketch when I'm done. (may be awhile as I'm old and slow)

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    Good on you Jackpot!

    Sounds like you are replacing the existing electronics - be careful if they controlled the safety aspects of the heater. If your code is as dodgy as mine 😉 then it may not work as it should!! ( sorry if your acutely aware of this! )

    My heater hack keeps its original electronics handling the gas flow,ignition etc. I've just replaced the 4 physical switches with relays controlled by mysensors...and added a dallas for the heck of it.

    Good luck!

  • @gregl ,
    Thanks for the warning ! Yeah my code is iffy at best sometimes. When I said "electronics" i meant the circuitry that i had to build for the sensor arduino ( zero crossing detector and triac driver stuff for the motor). For now I'm only interested in adding the Thermostat device, measuring the fireplace temp and controlling the fan speed. Maybe later I will look at adding servo control on the gas flow control.
    I have not bypassed any of the fireplace safety interlocks. I'm treading very carefully ! That's part of the reason it's taking so long. By the way I'm just doing this because I think I can and it's possible because of all the hard work @hek and others have done.
    Thanks to all and especially @hek !

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    Cool... Yep I "mysensored" my heater largely because it was going to be an interesting exercise.
    And its so much nicer coming home to a warm house! Good luck and enjoy.

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