For Sale - Looking to sell everything that a new person needs for this hobby

  • Hi Guys,

    I got into mysensors about 1.5 year ago and have built many sensors that are working flawlessly in my house. This project and specially the community has served me well. The problem is that I went all out to buy too many raw materials - either intentionally or unintentionally at the time because of how these are sold 🙂 and now have no need for them. I am looking to sell a stockpile of these these things if anyone is interested. Most are bought from china from links provided here, some from amazon because sometimes I didn't feel like waiting a month for them to get here and some casings from home depot or radio shack. Everything works 99% and majority of the stuff has not been opened and is still in sealed packaging. I am not looking to sell 1-2 items at a time but everything at once that is perfect for something who is considering mysensors and this has enough parts to build numerous sensors. This will be shipped from United States.

    I have taken an inventory of all the times on the below eBay page and I am still finding more items to add to this (price will not go up).

    The kit also includes 1 fully functional vera controller and 3-4 fully functional sensors (relay switch, temperature, motion).

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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