MCU for optical fibers

  • I am working on a project where I would like use optical fibers as sensors for measuring strain, perturbance and shape sensing. The required hardware and measurement devices are usually very expensive and thus inappropriate in my case, so I was wondering if there are any solutions available with commercial microcontrollers, which would consequently drastically lower the expenses? Are there perhaps any demo projects or articles out there about designing of low-budget optical fiber systems? I am aware that optical emitters represent a major cost as well, so I was wondering where may I find any comparisons on price/performance ratio?

    I know that a company named Darma has managed to build a similar system according to the photos here: , so I am really curious what components did they use.

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    @victus I'd suggest you start with their patented technology.
    I couldn't find it, but I found similar applications like
    Apparently bending of the fiber attenuates a ray of light going through it.
    A photo sensor measures the attenuation and some microcontroller draws the conclusions.
    Not very hard to do, I think.

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