Why is my ESP8266 MQTT Client Gateway an Access Point?

  • About 3 weeks ago I setup the ESP8266 MQTT Gateway from the Development branch and with the exception of adding the WiFI information and using a static IP I didn't change anything else. Everything worked as is and I am quite happy with it and thought nothing of it. this past weekend I got a new phone and had to join it to my router. In doing so I saw a wifi network called ESP_09E3. It turns out it is the Gateway advertising as a wifi access point, unprotected and open for all. I was quite worried but it was not a big problem. It has an IP that is not in my internal subnet and non routable ... but still ... why is it advertising as an AP and how can I stop it?

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  • @hek I added the line to the file mentioned and uploaded my sketch again but it did not change anything.

    Any other ideas?

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  • Forget that last message. I reliazed you mentioned to change the MyGatewayTransportEthernet.cpp, which I did, but I'm running the MQTT Gateway. I found the same location in the MyGatewayTransportMQTTClient.cpp file (line 157) and added the entry there. That disabled the AP advertisement.

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  • @Mike-Cayouette

    You can add it in the setup of the gateway code, works fine for me...

    WiFi.mode (WIFI_STA); // turn off AP mode

    Also, a note: In my testing of a ESP8266 and a RFM69HW radio at 915MHZ, I noticed that i no longer had any range, 100 ft max. Using the same radio on a serial gateway, my range was over 1000ft.. I suspect that the WiFi radio was desensitizing the RFM69 radio receiver... So be cautious! and do some testing.

  • @lafleur

    Thank you, I will try it right in the gateway code.

    I'm using the NRF24L01+ radios and I have not seen any noticeable difference in the range. Mind you I never tried to see how far I can go when I was using a serial gateway, but for now all my sensors work as they did with the serial gateway.

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