Repeater and the routing

  • Is there an option to make a route mandatory so that a radio always sends through a specific repeater?

    I've got the gateway with a external antenna (1) and then a normal radio as a repeater with a relay (2) and a repeater with normal radio between 1 and 2 but the signal is not always received by the gateway or vise versa.

    Is there an option that node 2 always sends through the repeater in between?

    I'm not very satisfied with normal radio's being repeaters because the interference is too high or something other is happening. The range of normal radio's is not very big.
    I've got a poor mans radio scanner active but I'm in the clear with, I believe, the default channel 76. Correct me if I'm worng!

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    Yes, you can set a static parent. See api for gw.begin().

  • Starting up the library
    To initialize radio and start the library, you must call begin(). Begin initializes the sensor node but you can also configure the sensor node operating parameters manually. Call this before anything else in the library

    void begin(void (*_msgCallback)(const MyMessage &), uint8_t nodeId, boolean repeaterMode,
    uint8_t parentNodeId);
    incomingMessageCallback - Callback function for incoming messages from other nodes or controller and request responses. Default is NULL.
    nodeId - The unique id (1-254) for this sensor. Default is AUTO(255) which means sensor tries to fetch an id from controller.
    repeaterMode - Activate repeater mode. This node will forward messages to other nodes in the radio network. Make sure to call process() regularly. Default in false
    parentNodeId - Use this to force node to always communicate with a certain parent node. Default is AUTO which means node automatically tries to find a parent.

    So gw.begin(NULL,4,true,3) is node 4 with repeater mode on and parent 3? Cool!

  • Should a Repeater have it's on ID or the same ID as the NODE that it's repeating?

  • Hardware Contributor

    It should have it's own ID.
    ID = 0 is reserved for the gateway. There can be only 1 gateway for a specific frequency.
    If a controller allows several hardware to connect, you can have more then 1 gateway, but tgese should each have their own frequency.

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