Propane Fuel Level Sensor to Vera

  • I would love to hear some ideas and/or code for processing fuel level to my Vera3 using a Pro Mini.
    I am using Vera3 UI5 1.5.622 and have an Arduino Gateway installed.
    I am attempting to obtain Propane Fuel Levels remotely using Rochester DS-923 Sending unit (5 ohms empty and 92 ohms full).
    It would be hard wired to an analog input on the Arduino Pro Mini. I have not seen any type of level gauge on Mios Apps. I need to create a sketch and send it to Vera via Ardunio Gateway.
    Any Ideas?

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    @fusion_man You might consider using the lightlevel sensor is accepting any positive value and one can set notification for value reaching above or below a certain value.
    I would use a percentage 0 - 100%


    MyMessage msgFuelLevel(SENSOR_ID, V_LIGHT_LEVEL);


    gw.present(SENSOR_ID, S_LIGHT_LEVEL, "LigthLevel");

    in loop()

    static byte lastLevel = 0xFF;
    byte newLevel = map (analogRead(LEVEL_PIN), 0, MAX_READING, 0, 100);
    if (newLevel != lastLevel) {
         lastLevel = newLevel;

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    If you are up to the task, you could also consider modifying an existing implementation of a Vera sensor.

    LightLevel (IMHO) is a particularly un-sexy implementation! Dimmer on the other hand, well at least it dresses for the party, even if it isn't particularly pretty. (In the world of Vera's GUI it's probably Scarlett Johansson!)

    There is lots of assistance on the Vera forum on how to change the html and json implementation files.

  • @BartE

    Thanks BartE,
    I got it to compile.
    I had to make a few declarations:

    #define SENSOR_ID 0
    #define LEVEL_PIN 0
    #define MAX_READING 100

    And typo here:

    gw.present(SENSOR_ID, S_LIGHT_LEVEL, "LightLevel");

    Unfortunately I am unable to test as my Nano has the chipset of CH340G which Vera doesn't like.
    I will see the results as soon as the Nano with chipset FT232RL comes in.
    Will I see the new sensor in my Vera defined as FuelLevel?

  • @BulldogLowell
    That is some awesome advice! I will attempt this in the near future. Thanks

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