SmartSleep compatible controller?

  • Hi,

    I am making a bunch of solar powered solinoids utalising MySensors and Domoticz. I am trying to reduce the power consumption of my nodes but obviously cannot send them to sleep. The new smartSleep feature seems like a perfect solution, however i cannot seem to find any controllers which support this. Does anyone know of any?

    Tl;dr- Any smartsleep compatible controllers?


  • I realise this is an old topic, but can anyone confirm if there are any controllers?

  • i've tried several controllers but it seem not yet available.. i also looking such controller for mysensors using smartsleep due to power saving issue cause most of my nodes are battery powered.

  • Plugin Developer

    It's at the top of my todo for home assistant / pymysensors, but I can't promise a timeplan. PR is welcome too.

  • wow great to heard that, wait for next release of HASS.. btw i can confirm MYSController v 1.0.0beta seems has implements this function.

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