LED name wrong in 2.0.0 beta

  • In MyConfig.h names are:

    #define MY_DEFAULT_ERR_LED x
    #define MY_DEFAULT_TX_LED x
    #define MY_DEFAULT_RX_LED x

    In MyLeds.ccp they are:

    #define MY_DEFAULT_TX_LED_PIN     
    #define MY_DEFAULT_ERR_LED_PIN   
    #define MY_DEFAULT_RX_LED_PIN     

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    Thanks for reporting, will fix the comment.

  • Variable name is wrong, not the comments

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    Is the correct suffix. I could only find a commented section in MyConfig.h without the correct suffix. Or what do you mean? Show me a link/line number to github where you found the incorrect declaration.

  • My pull from the development hub is a few weeks old, I'll check my pull from current master when I get home tonight ....

  • I pulled the current development version... on 3 Mar 2016

    In myconfig.h at line 167, we have the block below:

    if you un comment one of the LED define, they do NOT enable the LED, only if you use the 2nd versions as defined in MyLeds.ccp.

    #define MY_DEFAULT_ERR_LED 15 <--- not working
    #define MY_DEFAULT_ERR_LED_PIN 15 <--- working

    *  Information LEDs blinking
    // This feature enables LEDs blinking on message receive, transmit
    // or if some error occurred. This was commonly used only in gateways,
    // but now can be used in any sensor node. Also the LEDs can now be
    // disabled in the gateway.
    // The following setting allows you to inverse the blinking feature MY_LEDS_BLINKING_FEATURE
    // When MY_WITH_LEDS_BLINKING_INVERSE is enabled LEDSs are normally turned on and switches
    // off when blinking
    // The following defines can be used to set the port pin, that the LED is connected to
    // If one of the following is defined here, or in the sketch, MY_LEDS_BLINKING_FEATURE will be
    // enabled by default. (Replace x with the pin number you have the LED on)
    //#define MY_DEFAULT_ERR_LED x
    //#define MY_DEFAULT_TX_LED x
    //#define MY_DEFAULT_RX_LED x

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    You could create a PR to change this (We would love to get contributions to the code)

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